Mobile Apps

With the increasing usage of mobile phones to make purchases and/or interactions with businesses, it has become very important for most businesses to extend their reach to their audience through this device. We help our clients do just that and more, through strategizing, designing and developing mobile applications that can fit their whole business into the palm of their audience.

Mobile app development needs more than just an idea

Just the idea of building a mobile application does not guarantee either its effectiveness, nor its success. It is, thus, extremely important to collaborate with an experienced team, like ours at Thinqbox, to develop high-functioning mobile apps while looping in clients to discuss the best roadmap for the development process. We focus on creating user stories and involving multiple experts from the UI/UX and QA teams to ensure the product’s success.

Why invest in mobile app development?

Your mobile application brings your brand to the palm of your intended audience, bridging gaps that may otherwise exist. Your customers would have the ability to immediately interact and transact with your brand if and whenever needed. Customers nowadays look for convenience, and having mobile applications tailored to provide exception user experience appeals to customers.

Why choose us?

The Thinqbox team works with the agile methodology and provides an end-to-end mobile application development solution - beginning from research and ending with providing the actual app to you. We work with our clients very closely to determine what MVP is desirable and suitable given the client and technical requirements. Our involvement doesn't end just there, we keep supporting our clients to maintain the app post-release as well. We have expert analyst teams constantly working on updating timelines and roadmaps based on each sprint progress.

How to decide whether you need a mobile app or not?

The decision of whether you should get a mobile app developed depends on what your reports and analytics support. It is imperative to back the idea of a mobile app with data suggesting that a high percentage of your users prefer or use mobile devices or tablets to make interactions with your business. Tools such as Google Analytics and Mixpanel play a huge part in making such informed decisions. Diving into mobile app development without proper research into the tech stack involved is also not a good idea. Our team is always available for a preliminary call to discuss your plan for a potential mobile application and advise accordingly.

Enriched Portfolio

Now that you’ve read an overview of what we do, we’re sure you must be curious to see some details of our work to ensure choosing us in the right decision. You can see some of the clients we have had the pleasure to work with below.

Learning Upgrade

Bringing an LMS to life!

An LMS that allows students around the world to follow their path to learning success, using their phones, tablets or computers. With the help of a comprehensive LMS, it enables schools and teachers to efficiently manage their students and courses – all online.

True Excellence

An easy way to manage hospital staff!

A unique web app that makes managing hospital staff across multiple locations easy and efficient. With it, hospital administrators can manage staff, create and manage schedules, and handle leave requests all in one place.

Park Easy

A portal that enables users to park easily!

An online web portal that simplifies parking and collecting parking fees through a hands-free automated parking payment solution. ParkEasy has an extensive interface for various sets of users.

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