We partner with clients to design E-commerce platforms that attract customers, bring them as leads and eventually convert them. These platforms are integrated with existing and new operational teams. We aim at identifying the gaps in the online world that our clients’ E-commerce solution can fill and ensure the final product brings growth and success to them.

Choice of Platform

There is no one ideal platform that all businesses should use for their e-commerce solution. The choice of platform depends greatly on each client’s business idea, model and aims. This is why our team highly values tailoring proposals, recommendations and solutions for each client based on its requirements.

The UI/UX Element

An e-commerce site’s success highly depends on the experience a user has when visiting it. The interface should be very user-friendly and the site should be easy to use. This is why the role of UI/UX teams is so important. Luckily, Thinqbox has got a bright group of UI/UX experts who closely work with our developing team to ensure that your E-commerce site optimizes user experience and smartly nudges them to take intended actions on your platform.

Why Invest in E-commerce Development?

The business world has very quickly expanded in the digital realm. Our aim, at Thinqbox, is to ensure your online business not only succeeds at attracting customers to increase sales and profits, but also helps manage and track information that might otherwise be very difficult to keep up with. We work with our client to improve workflows of their E-commerce platforms so that the business operates and performs better, while earning more.

Enriched Portfolio

Now that you’ve read an overview of what we do, we’re sure you must be curious to see some details of our work to ensure choosing us in the right decision. You can see some of the clients we have had the pleasure to work with below.

Learning Upgrade

Bringing an LMS to life!

An LMS that allows students around the world to follow their path to learning success, using their phones, tablets or computers. With the help of a comprehensive LMS, it enables schools and teachers to efficiently manage their students and courses – all online.

True Excellence

An easy way to manage hospital staff!

A unique web app that makes managing hospital staff across multiple locations easy and efficient. With it, hospital administrators can manage staff, create and manage schedules, and handle leave requests all in one place.

Park Easy

A portal that enables users to park easily!

An online web portal that simplifies parking and collecting parking fees through a hands-free automated parking payment solution. ParkEasy has an extensive interface for various sets of users.

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