Each branding project is unique, just like a brand itself. Each has its own personality, voice, objectives and market. This is why we don’t follow just one process for all branding projects. We pride ourselves in customized solutions.

We Equip Leaders with Strategy And Vision

An honest and impartial assessment of our clients’ existing brand, landscape as well as all other vital details.

Looking to build a brand? We, at Thinqbox, have got it covered.

Collecting information on the market, competition and finding gaps that our clients’ brand can fill are important steps to take in order to make sure the brand fits well into its audience and has a secure positioning.

Creating a customized brand strategy in light of the brand audit and research done so that the most thought-out plan of action is taken. It takes effective collaborations between Thinqbox and its clients to finalize the roadmap the brand will ultimately follow.

One of the most important elements of a brand is its visual appearance. This is the face that the brand’s audience sees, familiarizes with and becomes attached to. Thinqbox gives huge consideration to its clients’ brand’s visual identity that revolves around the brand colors, typography and logotype.

A brand is incomplete without items that make it official. We, at Thinqbox, thus focus on ensuring that the brand we work with has assets such as business cards and letterheads so that the brand is not only present digitally but also physically.

As mentioned before, each brand has its own personality. Thinqbox works on putting that personality into one document – a Brandbook – that acts as a guide on how to accurately use and implement the brand. This brandbook is a hub of all colors, fonts, icons and logos that make up the brand.

Bringing Your Brand to Life

Our Thinqbox team loves to follow our mantra - one size does not fit all. We value the uniqueness of every brand, and we aim to customize our branding solutions to mold to the requirements of your brand - all the while, providing top-notch service to all.

Why Is Branding Important?

Your brand is your

Your brand is not just a logo, it is an embodiment of character and has the faith as well as loyalty of your audience. A well-built brand brings good repute, while a well-kept one maintains it.

It helps you understand
your target market

A Brand directly focuses on your target audience and using the power of your brand, you can understand the behavior of your viewers to make efficient outreach plans.

It makes your message consistent across all media

Your brand is the face that all your viewers see. When the audience sees a consistent brand image and message across platforms, it helps build loyalty and trust in customers. Your brand can help make your mark on the viewers’ minds more prominent.

It creates a memorable
brand perception

Your brand is your identity. That identity is what makes you different from all other players in the market. With your brand, you can build a desirable brand perception to make a lasting impression.

Enriched Portfolio

Now that you’ve read an overview of what we do, we’re sure you must be curious to see some details of our work to ensure choosing us in the right decision. You can see some of the clients we have had the pleasure to work with below.

Learning Upgrade

Bringing an LMS to life!

An LMS that allows students around the world to follow their path to learning success, using their phones, tablets or computers. With the help of a comprehensive LMS, it enables schools and teachers to efficiently manage their students and courses – all online.

True Excellence

An easy way to manage hospital staff!

A unique web app that makes managing hospital staff across multiple locations easy and efficient. With it, hospital administrators can manage staff, create and manage schedules, and handle leave requests all in one place.

Park Easy

A portal that enables users to park easily!

An online web portal that simplifies parking and collecting parking fees through a hands-free automated parking payment solution. ParkEasy has an extensive interface for various sets of users.

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