Software Integration


Don’t waste your valuable time, money and resources with disconnected systems.

  • Does my Business need a Software Integration?

As businesses grow, departments get several softwares to satisfy their necessities, which usually are not connected to each other. Software gets siloed, and make harder for other departments to  use or access the available data. The result it departments can’t access data quickly and effortlessly and optimizeyo ur company’s overall business process.

With Thinqbox’s Software Integration services, improve your business connectivity, and make your data available.


  • Over 20 years of Experience.
  • Our Experts seamlessly integrate themselves into your organization. They learn the inner workings of your company and develop a practical solution for your goals.
  • Transparent Processes, We keep you informed about your systems's health at all times.



  • Improve your business connectivity and increase efficiency.
  • Batch information transfers from one system to another that eliminate duplicate data entry.
  • Real-time replication of information from a source system to other systems that require the same data.
  • Modification of systems to search for data outside application boundaries.
  • Reports combine information from several sources.
  • Enhance Business’s departments visibility. 


Common Scenarios

  • Internal System Integration
  • Integration with Vendors or Clients
  • Between Cloud and on-premise systems
  • Direct Database to Database
  • Single Sign On / Unified Login
  • Payment System Integration
  • E-Commerce Site to Inventory/CRM/Marketing Systems
  • Patient Billing to Insurance Claims/Benefits systems