Database Optimization


Our DBA experts seamlessly integrate themselves into your organization. They learn the inner workings of your company and develop a practical solution ideal for your environment and business goals. With Thinqbox, you will save the time and money required to develop a new database project plan.
All database projects are individual. They require an in-depth understanding of both the project and the database environment. Project assignments can range from subsections of a larger project to all-encompassing departmental initiatives.
No matter what the requirement, we offer support that can react to, plan and implement any type of DBA project.
Some of our clients need multiple small database projects as a single statement of work (SOW). Others request a structured long-term agreement that matches their budget and provides a defense against future emergencies.
We offer a variety of project options to meet your company’s needs.

Examples of Database Projects:

  • Health Checks
  • Database Assessments
  • Tuning Initiatives
  • Security and Audits
  • Server Consolidation
  • Server Migration
  • Platform Migration
  • Database Installations
  • Data Modeling
  • Application Design
  • Infrastructure Design
  • DW, BI, ETL and reporting
  • Data Retention
  • License Consolidation
  • New Functionality
  • Capacity Planning
  • Load Balancing
  • Major Upgrades
  • Backup and Recovery
  • High Availability and Failover
  • Clustering and Replication Disaster Recovery
  • Oracle RAC and Data Guard
  • SQL Server Replication
  • SQL Server Services
  • Oracle Exadata Machine



Database assessment services allow you to execute your efforts with precision and confidence. A baseline is an important starting point for everyone when future plans take shape.
Our database assessment is that baseline.
The wide range of work that our DBA administrators do on an everyday basis makes us the perfect choice to perform a detailed database analysis of your SQL Server, Oracle, Oracle E-Business Suite, MySQL, DB2, or MongoDB environment.
Whether you have a small environment that’s a one day job, or a wide scale installation calls for multiple experts and months of work, Thinqbox is the company to look to for significant insights, immediate and ongoing database suggestions, optimization recommendations and information on alternative approaches to your environment.

A typical Database Assessment includes:

Before an assessment begins, we interview all staff members who design and implement changes to your database environment. During this phase, Thinqbox reviews:
  • Current environment details that include usage peaks and valleys, concurrent sessions, index usage, and much more
  • Backup and fault tolerance strategy
  • Platform and hardware details
  • Information on supported applications
  • Security measures
  • Recent problem history
  • Running of database tools and scripts to analyze data and report on blockage, I/O contention, offending queries, long-running queries, and much more
When the interviews are complete we document and analyze everything we learn.

Your finished database assessment provides:

  • A detailed examination of your existing database environment
  • Recommendations to improve your current physical and virtual database environment, as well as make it more efficient
  • Performance improvement recommendations for your current database environment
  • Recommendations on disas



Get improved database performance from proactive database tuning and optimization.

Proactive database tuning is critical to Thinqbox best practices and an important advantage we offer over our competitors. When you work with our DBAs, you can go far beyond the limits of reactive tuning.

Our approach to quality service is based on ongoing suggestions, testing and implementation of tuning changes to your database, server or instance. This allows your in-house database team to address other priorities.

Thinqbox provides tuning services for both extended, ongoing needs, as well as short-term or immediate requirements. Short-term tuning may require adjustment of statements, reports, jobs, backups, or materialized views.

Thinqbox proactive tuning includes database utilization, license optimization, ETL loading, clustering, log shipping, replication jobs, or preproduction work. Thinqbox database tuning expertise can ensure that your database is optimized for performance and smooth running in these instances and many more.


  • Database, Server and Instance
  • Storage and I/O
  • OLTP, DW and eCommerce
  • SQL Statement Tuning
  • Replication and Clustering
  • Backup and Recovery